Hello! Welcome to the new (as of December 2012) and currently-under-construction home of Dr. Dennis K. Wasko. Here you'll find info on my research, teaching, and other things.

I am currently a professor and researcher at the University of Hartford's Hillyer College. In addition to my teaching, I am a herpetologist interested in the interplay of spatial and feeding ecology – what and how animals eat, and how that affects their movement and space usage. While I am potentially interested in working on any number of vertebrate species, I largely restrict my definition of “animals” to “snakes”… traditionally a poorly-studied yet much-maligned group. In particular, I have traditionally focused on pitvipers; my dissertation research focused on ecology of the fer-de-lance (Bothrops asper) in Costa Rica. Aside from simply being beautiful and fascinating animals, pitvipers are often ideal candidates for such studies due to having low energy requirements, limited mobility, and life histories which are often closely tied to prey availability. More recently, I've also started working on colubrids both in the US and Central America. Wasko 2      Around the site you'll find links to my classes, publications, descriptions of ongoing projects, advice for potential students, and other points of interest.    Thanks for visiting!

SCB 210 : Environmental Science

SCB 210 : Environmental Science – Students will be introduced to the concepts of environmental studies in the framework of environmental issues. Topics will include general ecology, renewable and non-renewable resources, energy, sustainability, and current trends in the field of ecology and environmental issues. Students will also become familiar with environmental modeling. This course will be based on inquiry learning, using the scientific method for each major topic and group projects. Lecture activities will be coordinated with the lab portion of the course. Prerequisite: Sophomore status.